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z Webster Craft Fabric Sculpture Fabric hardener Medium

Fabric Sculpture Textile Hardener
NOTE You're buying 1 x 236 ml Made in UK by Webster Craft

The lady sculpture for made using a wine bottle. Pictures for illustration only.

Create outdoor or indoor ornaments using the most unusual items, (outdoor items must be made water proof with textile sealer or varnish not included) Absolutely not PVA but it is water based. (pva will not dry hard like this does)
technique is simple, simply soak the fabric in the hardener and mold it into shape before the item sets solid. You do not have to be an artist to make the most unusual and beautiful items. I use the hardener on my baby's first booties, mounted it on a board and sprayed it gold. I've hardened his first baby grow and mounted that on a board. (as pictured it's a great conversation piece) it's absolutely solid to touch when set and is also suitable for making blinds and hardening ribbon for flower decoration. Great for hardening silk flowers for card making and basket decoration or to mount in picture frames. it's water based so suitable for children and craft groups. (picture for illustration only) You are buying 1 x 236 ml of hardener with instructions. UK only.